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Bondage Game is made for the people who love the kinkier side of life or for the ones who are interested in broadening their horizons and trying something new. We cater to everything BDSM and with the countless possibilities we offer we are sure there is something for everyone, including you. This isn’t your average sex game, and that is something we take pride in.

3 Reasons to join to BDSM SIMULATOR

BDSM Simulator
A one of the kind bdsm simulator with a community full of sex crazed players
Cusomized BDSM Games
high quality graphics, endless storylines, and fully customizable models
Fresh Bondage Game
We are constantly adding new updates and content to keep things fresh


Bondage Game

Are you bored of the same old vanilla gameplay you’ve seen online and ready to spice things up a bit? Well you are not alone in that, which is why we’ve got you covered. Get ready to kiss your social life goodbye because once you start playing our BDSM games you will never want to stop. Choose one of the models we’ve premade for you or if you have a certain type create your very own. Either way you will have a sex partner who is eager and ready to satisfy you completely in the senarios and rooms you’ve picked out yourself. Want to take it up a notch? We always have hundreds of real players online looking to join you in whatever storyline you’ve created. Welcome to, where you are in charge (or not if that’s your thing).

Getting started is easier than ever, go ahead and hit the “Join Now” button to sign up. You must verify your age so we know you are of legal age, and you are good to go. You then have a few options from there, you can jump right into the action by picking a premade model, join another player's room, or set up the perfect scene with the perfect partner by fully customizing your model, choosing the scenario you want and tailoring everything from there. It’s 2020, we don’t have flying cars but we do have the future of sex and sex games and it is right at your fingertips. Join the thousands of players who have already signed up and see what you’ve been missing out on.

Bondage Player Reviews

Domme Player 1

This game is absolutely insane! This has been my go to every night for the past few months. I love the multiplayer mode and spend most of my time there so I can play with actual people. I really enjoy the social aspect of it which makes it feel even more real... plus getting off with a new stranger every night is extremely exciting.

Master Player 2

I stumbled upon this game by accident one night while searching for bdsm sex, I was hesitant at first but decided to try it out and damn what a wild ride it’s been. Last week I made a model based off of one of my old teachers and had my way with her for hours & then the other night I flipped the roles with another player and was dominated for hours. Love this shit, 10/10.